Berlin Refugee Protest Camp Oranienplatz, 30th October 2012

Berlin Refugee Protest Camp Oranienplatz

30th October 2012

Enough is enough. It’s time for a revolution. No compromises.

It’s necessary to realize that refugees do not flee their native countries for
fun. They do it for extremely serious reasons, such a political persecution or
extremely adverse social conditions that are sometimes life-threatening. Hoping to live in peace and freedom, they face great dangers in order to flee their countries, leaving behind their entire existence, their friends and family.

In Berlin Oranienplatz, refugees have put a protest tent camp in solidarity
with the refugee protest tents in other cities. Every day and night we are
protesting against the inhuman conditions that asylum seekers in Germany are exposed to. We suspect that the reasons for this treatment are racist
attitudes, the continuation of colonial injustice and the exploitation of the
refugees’ native countries, as well as political propaganda.

In solidarity concretely we demand the following:

1. Stop Deportation.  Deportation is an outdated practice dating from the
racist colonial era.

2. Abolish Residenzpflicht. The law prevents Refugees from moving freely,
making it illegal to leave the “Landkreis”, the region where we are registered.

3. Close all Refugee Lagers. It’s illegal to lock up refugees in camps where
they are treated like prisoners.

We are human beings and we do not want to have our human condition questioned.
We want to change the inhuman circumstances in which we are forced to live.
In that way refugees broke the isolation by leaving lagers and started living
in tents.
Refugees broke the Residenzpflicht by marching 500 kilometers from Würzburg to Berlin arriving at Oranienplatz on 6th of october 2012.
We organized a big demo on 13th October to the Parliament which 6000 people supported.
On 15th October we occupied the Nigerian embassy protesting against his
collaboration with the german State and Frontex company for organizing
Some of our friends they went on a hunger strike at Brandenburger Tor on 24th of October 2012.
The struggle still continues from the Protest Camp we are encouraging and
inviting the Refugees to break the isolation and come to join the Protest.

We can’t go back to “our camps”. We really hope that our voices are heard and the Federal Republic of Germany will respond to our demands. If not, we must ask ourselves: How long will we have to suffer? When and where can we find peace and freedom?

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